Coaching and Individual Training Courses

Individual training and consultation by ISRA VISION combine conventional training methods with tailored instructions and specific system optimization. All employees at your company that work with a given system have the opportunity to participate.

Coaching sessions can be held either at the customer’s premises or at one of our training centers, depending on the content and concept.

Based on the specific status of your project, we compile a customized training package that can include the following components:

  • Revisiting and consolidating knowledge gained in basic training
  • Individual training sessions for system operators
  • Assessment of the as-is situation
  • System optimization

The training/consultation session is held by a highly experienced ISRA VISION employee or a certified ISRA VISION partner. This ensures that every question is answered, and you gain the maximum benefit from your training.

The training portfolio is geared towards experienced users with strong background knowledge gained in basic and/or advanced training courses offered by the ISRA VISION ACADEMY. We would be happy to compile a customized training and coaching program, taking your employees’ prior knowledge and your company’s requirements and objectives into consideration.

Please use our request form if you wish to receive further information on tailored solutions for you and your team.

* The total price for a phone call arise from the tariffs of your network operator or service provider for calls to the respective region and from a special tariff, which amounts to 6.3 cents per 30 seconds from Monday to Friday between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm and 6.3 cents per minute within the remaining time.