Rewind Manager

Efficient removal of critical defects from the roll

The Rewind Manager utilizes the quality data from the SMASH inspection to make the removal of critical defects in the roll even more efficient. The software enables users to control a rewinder, navigate accurately to surface defects such as insects or dirt spots, repair defects in a targeted way, or remove foreign particles. This can turn waste into marketable products at low cost.

The high-quality inspection data, together with the corresponding defect classification, ensures high precision and helps make the entire converting process fast and efficient. As a result, our solution effectively prevents waste and guarantees that only flawless material is delivered. The user interface is similar to that of SMASH, so there are no additional training costs.

Product Details

  • Intelligent communication between the winder and SMASH
  • Automatic winder control
  • Allows better classification in predefined specifications
  • Reduces time and costs
  • Maximum throughput and work efficiency