Guaranteed delivery of only flawless material to customers and full quality assurance of the daughter rolls: ISRA solutions optimize converting processes in nonwoven production to achieve the maximum yield from each roll. Alongside the option to perform an additional inspection in the slitter, the data from the slitter can be used effectively during cutting or when repairing a roll. 

100% Surface Inspection for Nonwovens in the Slitter

After the finished daughter rolls are cut, the system checks whether new defects have occurred around the slitter.

Removal of Critical Defects on the Rewinder

Precise targeting of quality-related defects for correction: Removing or repairing material defects turns defective rolls into flawless products. 

Guaranteed Reliability and Maximum Yield with Intelligent Cutting 

The software solution is designed to use previously generated inspection data to precisely determine which daughter rolls contain quality-related defects.