Coated Graphical Papers

Ensure high process stability and achieve outstanding runnability and printability.

With a comprehensive portfolio of powerful inspection, web break monitoring and unwind control systems, ISRA offers full-featured quality and process monitoring for the production of coated graphical papers. Our systems can be integrated at any production stage, from head box to finished roll and sheet. The collected data provides a comprehensive decision basis for quality and process optimization.

Paper Machine

Detect all defects and identify sources of process disturbances as early as possible


Ensure smooth downstream processes. Precisely stopping the re-reeler on critical defects

Offline Coater

Detect critical situations as early as possible and reliably identify, classify, and locate all defects

Offline Calender

Guarantee excellent quality and productivity with high-precision paper inspection


Individually adjust the winder speed to ensure maximum availability and process stability


Auccurately sort out sheets with defects and deliver high quality with an automated inspection