Maximum yield from every roll through optimization of finishing and converting processes:

ISRA inspection solutions pass on production data to downstream process steps such as coating, laminating, picking and cutting. By calculating the ideal cut pattern, they ensure efficient control of the slitter or winder for lower reject rates, for example.

Direct communication with repair lines can also help reduce reject rates, increasing the volume of marketable products and ensuring that only flawless material reaches the next process step or the customer. A zero-defect strategy is guaranteed.

Just like the film extrusion processes , the converting and finishing stages are performed based on the same software tools, operator interfaces and databases. This ensures efficient system availability in next to no time and eliminates the need for complex, time-consuming and costly training measures.


Ensure uniform coating and prevent recurring defects


Process only flawless material to the next production stage

Picking and Cutting

Inspect the final material quality and optimize the cut