Flexible Packaging

Boost your return on investment and increase customer satisfaction.

Based on our many years of experience in the complex production of flexible packaging, ISRA systems are designed to respond to the diverse needs of our customers. Our inspection solutions communicate with each other and pass the collected data on to downstream production stages. This provides a full picture of product quality at every stage of the production process, from the carrier material, lamination, coating and printing to cutting and commissioning. As a result, the system enables you to remove defective material from the value chain early or to take corrective action.

You can also monitor optical properties during production, such as transparency, gloss or reflectivity. Additional tests in the laboratory are no longer a requirement. ISRA systems are suitable for monitoring both decorative and functional properties.

Inline Print & Web Inspection

The DualSTAR inspection system combines two applications in one single system: Surface inspection of printed and unprinted film as well as print inspection. This way the 100% inline inspection system enables highest print quality and increased productivity!

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Liquid Cardboard

Meet the highest specifications by reliably detecting material and process defects throughout the production process

Blown Film

Ensure outstanding quality by continuously monitoring and documenting material properties during production

Cast Film

Reliably identify low-contrast defects early in the value chain and draw conclusions on defect causes for higher product quality

Stretch Film

Detect defects directly after extrusion and between stretching sections, even at the highest web speeds

Calandered Film

Eliminate defect causes directly during production and guarantee your customers optimum material quality