General Plastic Films

Meet your customer requirements effortlessly while reducing production costs:

With more than 4,000 deployed systems, we have vast in-depth knowledge of our customers’ needs and work with them to develop optimum, tailored solutions. Facing ever higher web speeds and increasing customer requirements in terms of defect types and sizes, ISRA’s standardized systems are well equipped to detect and classify all quality-related defects precisely and reliably.

The data collected helps system operators to better understand and optimize their production processes. Needless to say, the inspection system meets the highest standards in validation and auditing.

Our systems have been developed for a wide range of applications, such as blown, cast and calendered films and are ready for use within just a few hours. Reduced downtimes during installation, efficient training programs for system operators and intuitive software interfaces ensure a fast return on investment.

Blown Film

Ensure outstanding quality by continuously monitoring and documenting material properties during production

Cast Film

Reliably identify low-contrast defects early in the value chain and draw conclusions on defect causes for higher product quality

Stretch Film

Detect defects directly after extrusion and between stretching sections, even at the highest web speeds

Calandered Film

Eliminate defect causes directly during production and guarantee your customers optimum material quality

PVB Film

Guarantee zero-defect production by reliably distinguishing between surface quality and actual defects