Optical / Display Films

Thanks to a zero-defect production, deliver flawless material that meets your customers’ toughest specifications.

ISRA systems can be integrated at any point in the production chain for optical films. They reliably detect and classify even the tiniest defects in all types of film before the material is passed on to the next converting step or even incorporated in the finished product. The inspection data generated offers insights into defect causes by helping to identify and permanently eliminate the underlying sources.

Our inspection systems are suitable for production processes in clean rooms and are also suited for installation in confined spaces. They can be easily configured to technical production conversions, ensuring precise inspection results in flexible processes at any time. This enables you to keep up with future developments in this dynamic market and implement them with minimum effort.

Prism Films

Gain profound insight into defect causes by accurately detecting and classifying defects

Polarizer Film

Minimize defect sources and boost customer satisfaction by identifying all functional defects

Protective Film

Reliably eliminate all functional defects and guarantee the safety of end consumers

Window Film

Minimize optical defects and implement a zero-defect strategy