Inline web inspection systems tailored for OEM requirements

Designing complex production plants is usually a major challenge for you as a machine and plant manufacturer. For specific processes, you need partners who supply plug-and-play components that offer a useful addition and upgrade to your machinery. In this way, your end customer can have his plant or machine delivered and installed with the appropriate quality checking and inspecting equipment. This saves complicated retrofitting.

As the world leading machine vision supplier, ISRA VISION already works with many machine and system manufacturers worldwide to offer producers of plastic films the best possible inspection solutions. With the new SurfaceSTAR product series, ISRA offers plug-and-play integrated web inspection systems that are designed for direct integration by the machine or system manufacturer.

Your benefit: Smart.Easy.Excellentand cost saving by special OEM prices!

SurfaceSTAR product series


SurfaceSTAR SIS (Surface Inspection System)

The SurfaceSTAR SIS is the visual inspection solution specifically designed for OEMs. Consisting of cameras according to the high-quality embedded camera standard from ISRA with maximum performance and proven lighting technology, it complements every production system right from the start.

The state-of-the-art SMASH software and the Touch & Inspect Graphical User Interface complement SurfaceSTAR SIS. The inspection system reliably detects defect sizes of approximately 150 µm.

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  • Plug & Play Concept
  • Maximum performance at a competitive price
  • Latest Software 
  • Off the shelf
  • Blown Film
  • Cast Film
  • Calandered Film
  • Lamination
  • Auto-Software function
  • Outstanding Classification
  • Process control processes
  • Scratches
  • Streaks
  • Additive drops
  • Oil drops
  • Holes
  • From 200 to 1600 mm width
  • Other widths on request according to the requirement profile


SurfaceSTAR GS (Gel Sensor)

The SurfaceSTAR GS is a compact sensor unit that reliably monitors gels and black specks during the production of plastic film. It is based on the proven SMASH technology and the broad experience and technological competence from ISRA surface inspection since roughly 40 years experience. SurfaceSTAR GS is designed as a single machine vision component by ISRA VISION directly for new lines or as a retrofit supplement for existing lines.

Due to its direct communication with the PLC process control, it forms a closed-loop system that counts and monitors defects when they arise. For example, it detects defects due to temperature fluctuations during extrusion, at the earliest possible point in time, passes them on to the process control and thus enables rapid regulation. This prevents faulty manufacturing and saves costs.

  • Plug & Play-concept 
  • Innovative software based on ISRA’s high-end technology for maximum performance
  • Closed-loop system enables the fastest possible regulation of defect causes
  • Compatibility with other ISRA inspection systems such as SMASH or EPROMI
  • OPC-UA interface / OPC compatible as well as MQTT
  • 400 mm field of view
  • Monitoring of defects down to 100 µm
  • Extrusion lines


Save costs by plug-and-play integration and avoid production errors.


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Surface & Print inspection - Advanced Materials

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