Print inspection for printed corrugated cardboards

Displays, so-called shelf-ready trays or even secondary packaging are being printed more and more elaborately to contribute to a special shopping experience. However, in order to appeal to the end consumer, the quality of the printed image is also crucial: printing errors, such as missing colour or even a missing printed image, register errors, stripes and the like lead to rejects and rising production costs.

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Leading manufacturers of printed corrugated board, therefore rely on print inspection systems such as CartonSTAR for quality control. Read how they benefited from our inspection systems.

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Flexographic Printing

Corrugated board is traditionally printed using the flexgraphic procedure. CartonSTAR is a 100% inline inspection system optimized for the post-print production of direct corrugated cardboard.

The system features enhanced functionality to compensate for typical substrate structures ensuring a reliable real-time detection of relevant printing defects thus avoiding waste.

Splashes, streaks, missing print or register defects are found and the operator will be alerted to take counter actions and reduce the lifespan of the defect.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is becoming increasingly popular due to the growing demand for individualized packaging and faster changeovers. The advantage is obvious: the minimal make-ready time in digital printing means that smaller print quantities are possible - down to a batch size of one repeat. This gives digital printing a cost advantage, especially for short and medium runs, while at the same time ensuring very high print quality. 

CartonSTAR inspects the printed image in the digital printing process, inspecting the corrugated board for defects such as mottling, banding or nozzle streaks beside other typical print defects like register, splashes or streaks. 

Key Advantages

A precise classifier tool separates relevant from non-relevant defects to comply with individual customer requirements. It supports the automatic removal of defective corrugated cardboard sheets to guarantee a consistent high quality of deliveries to the brand owners.

Furthermore, the system generates a complete and comprehensive job report showing the entire set of events, diagrams and defect galleries protecting the user from any unjustified claim.

Due to the high value of corrugated board, the system generates a fast payback period and strengthens the market position of the company’s sales and marketing activities.

  • Increasing profitability by reduction of waste and customer complaints
  • 100 % inline inspection of every square millimeter of the printed job at the highest machine speed
  • Earliest detection of systematic printing defects
  • 100 % detection of sporadic defects
  • “Open Architecture” - Full flexibility in terms of needed detection capabilities (resolution, color, etc.) 
  • Customization possibilities to unique printing application (holographics, etc.)
  • High form-fit factor with high degree of freedom to fit any machine in the market
  • High efficiency and long life LED illumination for years of maintenance free service
  • Reduction of production costs
  • Substrate compensation to avoid false alarms
  • Automatic ejection of defective boards
  • High quality classification tool 
  • Job management for different quality levels; adjustable quality parameters
  • Verification of the correct print job and checking the printing plates by comparing them with the customer’s PDF
  • Promotional displays for Point-of-Sale
  • Shelf-ready trays
  • Secondary packagin

With installations in many countries supports companies producing printed corrugated boards to avoid waste production and customer complaints and achieve a constant high quality. 



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Print inspection increases production efficiency and machine throughput.

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Continuous quality control reduces production costs for printed corrugated board

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