Flexible Packaging

Increase your print and converting profitability while avoiding rejections and increasing customer loyalty.

Earliest detection of relevant proof quality variations – before visible for the human eye – helps you to prevent waste before it is created. Dedicated solutions to meet even the highest brand owner requirements are available for modular integration.

Inline Print & Web Inspection

The DualSTAR inspection system combines two applications in one single system: Surface inspection of printed and unprinted film as well as print inspection. This way the 100% inline inspection system enables highest print quality and increased productivity!

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Reliable inspection of (digital) print and color for all defects at full production speed


Reducing the lifetime of defects through accurate detection of all lamination defects


Reliable identification and classification of coating defects over the entire web width

Converting / Slitting

Detection of defects on laminating machines as well as rewinders at an early production stage

Rewinder / Doctor Machine

Fully automated roll repair and defect classification