Guaranteed color quality during the entire production run

ColorSTAR is an innovative inline absolute color measurement system to continuously monitor the color accuracy of print products.

Color line scan cameras combined with a spectrophotometer secure a constant measurement and monitoring of absolute color values (L*a*b*) and density. The system is applicable for all substrates, even transparent, and at all printing speeds ensuring no color deviation across the entire web width in order to meet customers’ expectations.

The system provides a complete and automatic documentation of every role which allows efficient and sustainable process and quality control. Deviations between target and measured value will be recorded and displayed on a L*a*b* chart in an easy-to-read manner.

ColorSTAR is an extensiont of the PrintSTAR system and supplies the camera with absolute color measurement data. It can easily be integrated in the 100% print inspection system. Thus, allowing continuous monitoring of the color fidelity without any interruption.

Product Details

  • Suitable for all substrates even transparent foil
  • Guaranteed color quality during the entire production run and make ready
  • Indefinite number of measurement positions
  • Simultaneous color deviation across the whole line width
  • Report and monitor dot gain and density