100% Inspection for printed metal packaging

Optimize your metal sheets printing process to ensure a high level of customer satisfaction – at the highest possible production speed. ISRA’s inline print inspection solutions help prevent processing of defective material through constant inline print inspection, color monitoring, and coating inspection for welding area integrity. The processed plates are continuously monitored early to ensure the most homogenous product quality.

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Maximize your yield: 100% inline inspection for metal decoration reduces waste and offers a complete quality and process control even at full production speed.

Improved Efficiency in Metal Sheet Decoration

DecoSTAR is an inline inspection system to ensure 100% quality control for metal printing on steel and aluminum sheets. Using high-efficiency LED illumination, the system reliably identifies color deviations as well as edge and material defects. Through its high form-fit with a vast degree of freedom, it is suitable for any machine in the market.

No defect escapes the DecoSTAR

DecoSTAR precisely detects all print, material, and dimension deviations; monitors the color fidelity, and ensures the register accuracy. It even recognizes color bars automatically.

The system detects repeating and non-repeating contaminations or material defects. Due to high-quality defect data, the source of serial defects can be defined and removed. Defective plates can be ejected if required.

Automated report shortens defect lifetime

An automated report of serial defects to the operator ensures an immediate fault alert and shortens the lifetime of a defect. This leads to a cost-saving effect of the production since waste will be reduced and, therefore, yield will increase. It also provides an integrated inline color monitoring delta to ensure optimal print results.

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Multi-touch user interface

DecoSTAR features an intuitive multi-touch user interface for an easy configuration and fast setup of new tasks, helping to improve workflow efficiency significantly.

  • Best resolution suitable for detection capabilities (resolution, color, etc.)
  • The most widely used inspection system in the metal decorating industry
  • Reduce waste and increase yield
  • High form-fit factor with high degree of freedom to fit any machine in the market
  • High efficiency and long life LED illumination for years of maintenance-free service
  • 100% inline inspection for every single sheet at the highest production speed
  • Intuitive setup procedure for new jobs or use of repeating job files
  • Constant feedback on the print run, notification of serial defects, adjustable quality parameters
  • Versatile: can be used for tin plate or aluminum, high-gloss or matte motives on any kind of machines
  • PDF comparison
  • Advanced LED and color camera technology
  • Integrated data mining and reporting tools for the most efficient process and quality decisions
  • In-line color monitoring for Delta E or LAB
  • In-line edge control for permanent inspection of position accuracy
  • Automatic repetition of Color Measurement bars
  • Machine speed reporting
  • Maintenance reporting 
  • Canned consumer products such as milk powder, fish, vegetable or tobacco
  • Specialty metal packaging in any possible blank shape
  • Lids, caps and crowns
  • Aerosol cans and tins
  • Decorative cans 

Coating inspection for top product quality of metal sheets


Inefficient production processes, low throughput and high material waste are cost drivers in the coating of metal sheets. The inline inspection system CoatSTAR maintains very high quality standards, required in industries such as food packaging, and ensures that only flawlessly coated sheets will be processed in the printing press

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Improved efficiency through 100% print inspection for metal sheet decoration

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