Highest Quality for digital print products

DigiSTAR is the easy to install inspection solution to detect and classify relevant data in digital print. The system is specialized in the inspection of constantly changing repeats. DigiSTAR quickly accesses the necessary information in master files and rapidly adapts to any new print job. Even changing designs are inspected with the same reliable precision to ensure meeting customers´ expectations.

DigiSTAR’s advanced inspection algorithms cover all quality issues: Beyond detecting defects like spots, varying color, and holes in the substrate, the system reads and verifies printed codes like barcodes and QR codes. It alerts based on quality and correct assignment to secure the best functionality. The integrated format management supports commissioning, significantly shortening set-up times to save valuable time and costs.

Product Details

  • Handles digital print technology
  • Variable data of codes and human readable capable
  • Various sizes packages and repeats handling
  • Nozzles blockage detection
  • Up to 2.8m web width