Real-time defect detection and classification for all narrow web applications and labels

NarrowSTAR is an inline inspection system for 100% quality and process control for all narrow web applications and labels. Its compact “All-in-a-box” design – the entire system is included inside the optical sensor – is a perfect fit for inspection requirements in small places.
A high efficiency and long life LED illumination ensures real-time defect detection and classification. The system makes it possible to immediately react to quality issues and therefore to reduce the lifespan of a defect. This leads to a long-lasting and cost-saving production effect since waste is reduced and therefore yield increases substantially.

In addition to the usual inspection function, NarrowSTAR provides tools such as instant PDF comparison and an automatic inspection to improve the workflow efficiency. This also ensures the print quality according to pre-defined standards and within specific tolerances. Users effectively and sustainably increase press and finishing equipment speeds and therefore the yield of the printing lines.

Product Details

  • "All in a Box" design - Excellent form fit factor with high degree of freedom to fit any machine in the market
  • Unique service ability by replacing the entire unit - No "on site" presence is needed
  • Customization possibilities to unique printing application (Holographics, etc.)
  • High efficiency and long life LED illumination for years of maintenance free service