Gauging package

3D Inline gauging technology
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Sensor - Robot - Software
A team for the highest precision

We deliver a compact and flexible system that offers integrated quality management for all process levels. The 3D inline gauging package offers highly precise, local acquisition and saving of individual measurement data as well as their visualization and an initial analysis. The gauging equipment components are optimally tuned to each other to meet the highest possible demands:

  • The measurement data are comparative and are collected in a precise, objective and reproducible way.
  • The measurement data have a uniform presentation so the results can be interpreted in a comprehensive way.
  • Gauging deviations are recognized quickly and reliably by the presentation of measurement data in real time.


This package provides the basis for establishing a gauging cell network with a connection to a central data server.
It may be expanded at any time for the purpose of process optimization by adding the in-process analysis software IQ-VIS. With IQ-VIS, you will be capable of analyzing and comparing all gauging cells at the plant, on a factory-wide basis, regionally or worldwide.

Integrated sensor calibration,
robotic temperature compensation

Environmental influences, ageing and deterioration through use change the measurement characteristics of sensors. Careful calibration prevents gauging mistakes and guarantees the utmost precision of the data measured. For this reason, all 3D robot vision sensors are individually calibrated, metrically and thermally, in our factory.

The same apples to robots:
They warm up while operating, which has an influence on the gauging results. Our solution creates an integrated robotic temperature compensation that can be implemented directly on the production line in only a few minutes and guarantees the utmost precision.

Compact and economical

The combination of calibrated robots and 3D robot vision sensors guarantees the utmost precision and exactness in accordance with your needs.
The system is distinguished by its high level of availability as well as by its minimized maintenance and downtime.

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Portfolio-Erweiterung der 3D-Technologie

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