3D Form Measurement

Ensure that components function and can be fitted correctly with efficient form monitoring. ISRA’s 3D form measurement systems capture component geometries down to the nanometer level while ensuring the shortest cycle times.

Ranging from deflectometry and multi-stereo measurement to white-light interferometry, our systems offer the ideal measurement process for any surface and form.

Every measurement provides precise data down to the micrometer range to ensure excellent dimensional accuracy using digital CAD verification. This efficient, cost-effective solution can be used directly in-line, at-line for random sampling and off-line in the laboratory.


High-precision 3D geometry monitoring with multi-stereo sensor system - even on glossy objects

Product Line SpecGAGE3D

Efficient 3D quality control with deflectometry

Product Line NetGAGE3D

Precise 3D measurement with white-light interferometry