SpecGAGE3D: Reliable 3D quality control

For the quality control of components with glossy surfaces, conventional inspection methods, such as fringe projection or photogrammetry, are not suitable. ISRA's SpecGAGE3D series ensures automated, AI-based 3D quality control of specular and reflective surfaces as well as curved and planar objects. 

SpecGAGE3D systems inspect components, using the measurement principle of deflectometry, for cosmetic defects and shape deviations. SpecGAGE3D checks the 100% correct curvature of these components via an automatic CAD comparison. Defects are already detected during the production process and - as far as they are known - directly classified. SpecGAGE3D thus enables the traceability of production defects, the rejection of defective parts, and continuous process improvement, resulting in increased productivity. 

Ensure the quality of high-quality injection molded parts with the reliable 3D inspection of SpecGAGE3D - in-line, at-line, and off-line.


Detailed quality control of reflective surfaces, even under tough production conditions.


100% defect detection in the batch production of glass, automotive and injection moulded parts.


Reliable 3D form measurement of curved, reflective surfaces.


Precise inspection of transparent surfaces.


Robot-guided inspection of reflective surfaces.