SpecGAGE3D: Automated shape inspection for shiny components

Shape deviations in shiny components cannot be detected with the naked eye. ISRA's SpecGAGE3D series ensures for the first time automated measurement and inspection of specular and reflective surfaces of curved and flat objects. 

All SpecGAGE3D systems work according to the measurement principle of deflectometry, whereby a reflective fringe pattern is recorded by several cameras and subsequently evaluated. The object geometry is reconstructed from the captured image sequence and matched with the CAD model. Unintentional form deviations and defects  are detected and - if known - directly classified.

Applications include quality control of smartphone cover glass, head-up displays, or semiconductor wafers.
With automated form control, SpecGAGE3D realizes traceability of production defects, rejection of defective parts, and continuous process improvement for increased productivity.

The deflectometry process can be used in-line, at-line, and off-line. 


Detailed quality control of reflective surfaces, even under tough production conditions.


100% defect detection in the batch production of glass, automotive and injection moulded parts.


Reliable 3D form measurement of curved, reflective surfaces.


Precise inspection of transparent surfaces.


Robot-guided inspection of reflective surfaces.