Fully-automated 2D inline inspection process for 100% monitoring of glue and sealant beads 

The BEADMASTER2D system ensures fully-automated quality control of glue and sealant beads. The system can be integrated directly into the production process and used at any cycle time.

With the sensor’s compact design, it is also suitable for confined production environments. Offering a 360° view, it inspects the applied beads completely, regardless of the direction in which the application nozzle is moving.

The flexible system from the Touch & Automate portfolio is quick and easy to set up. It offers highly reliable quality control, regardless of the type and color of the glue, the substrate, and the component surface. It detects, measures, and evaluates the presence, precise position, and continuity of the beads applied.

With the optional repair function, defective glue beads can be corrected immediately. The BEADMASTER2D system makes it possible to monitor the key quality criteria of glue and sealant beads in a consistent, reliable, and efficient manner.

Product Details

  • Reliable results with high precision
  • The product reference for robot vision tasks
  • In-process control for shortest cycle times
  • Real-time image data acquisition
  • Robust and reliable sensor construction with single cable (GigE, PoE+)
  • Ease of operation and fast installation with intuitive software and auto-teach
  • Repair function available for in-line correction of detected defect
  • Covers 100% of bead path with 360° view
  • Application speed up to 600 mm/s
  • Bead detection precision up to 0.1mm