QUISS RTVision.3d

Quality inspection in three dimensions

Increasing demands for product quality and, as a result, high-quality adhesive bonds are becoming ever more important in the automotive industry. With RTVision.3d from QUISS, it is now possible not only to measure the width, position, and continuity of the bead application but also its height. This provides insights into the applied material volume. 

RTVision.3d is based on laser sensors with integrated cameras and can cover various application types and patterns. The robust and compact design allows the system to be flexibly adapted to any inspection task.

The 100% 3D inline solution can be used to monitor applications in bodywork, particularly the safety-critical structural adhesive bonds. RTVision.3d is also the ideal solution for quality inspection in battery production. It can prevent unacceptable defects in cell adhesion, for example. It can even precisely check the width, height and position of triangular beads.

Product Details

  • Three-dimensional inspection for greater inspection quality
  • 360° application coverage ensures 100% bead inspection
  • 6x laser triangulation for maximum curve coverage
  • Laser class 2M: only basic safety level required
  • Patented solution for maximum performance and precision
  • Inline monitoring for outstanding quality without additional cycle time
  • Easy to use and quick to install thanks to intuitive software  
  • Extrinsic calibration enables traceability to robot coordinates
  • Point cloud analysis for precise quality inspection
  • Automatic bead tracking
  • Robot speed up to 600 mm/s
  • Working distances of 85 mm to 245 mm 
  • High-precision glue bead detection up to 0.1 mm