QUISS RTVision.t

Fully-automated 2D inline inspection process for 100% monitoring of glue and sealant beads

Quality and productivity are priorities in automotive production. Both must be at a consistently high level without going over budget. Structural, safety-critical bonds are extremely demanding processes in automotive bodywork construction. Therefore, a reliable bead inspection is essential. RTVision.t from QUISS is a reliable solution for high-quality bonding and dispensing applications with short cycle times. Battery assembly applications also present challenges, such as a high-precision bead application. Preventing air bubbles is also a priority, as this has a strong impact on battery performance and life. RTVision.t ensures that applications safeguard full conductivity and heat dissipation between modules and cooling panels.

It detects errors in bead width, position, and continuity, and presents direct feedback for immediate reactions. It can process a wide range of application patterns such as beads, stitch beads, or swirl applications. Being able to select the illumination color individually allows the system to detect any material color with the highest contrast quality.  This permits 100% visual inspection, together with a simple and fast set-up.

Product Details

  • Reliable results with high precision
  • Inline monitoring detects quality problems immediately without additional cycle time
  • The bead repair function enables automatic correction of unwanted gaps
  • Easy to use and quick to install thanks to intuitive software  
  • 360° application coverage ensures 100% bead inspection
  • Automatic bead tracking
  • Robot speed up to 600 mm/s
  • Excellent contrast quality
  • Working distances of 85 mm to 230 mm 
  • High-precision glue bead detection up to 0.1 mm