High Precision 3D Metrology

Ensure zero-defect quality in all product deliveries and boost customer satisfaction: ISRA’s precision metrology systems measure all object and surface properties down to the nanometer level while ensuring the shortest cycle times.

From precision measurements to defect detection, ISRA offers the right system for any inspection task. Our 3D measurement systems enable detailed inspections down to the nanometer level, whether in the test laboratory, during random sample testing, or on the production line.

Designed for highest precision and short measurement times, our solutions are available in a range of configurations to meet your needs and ensure optimum process reliability. A simple and intuitive user interface enables quick configuration of measurement tasks.


High-precision 3D geometry monitoring with multi-stereo sensor system - even on glossy objects

Product Line SpecGAGE3D

Efficient 3D quality control with deflectometry

Product Line NetGAGE3D

Precise 3D measurement with white-light interferometry