All-rounder for precise point clouds and fast component inspection

The very compact APS3D triangulation sensor is the ideal solution for 100% component monitoring even in confined spaces or on the conveyor. Using fast fringe or pattern projections, the sensor creates a high-density point cloud, which is then used to analyze the relevant areas. Defective parts for removal are reliably and objectively identified using either fast CAD comparison or comprehensive analysis ISO compliant.

Exceptionally easy to set up and operate, the 3D sensor can be adapted to new tasks at any time. It is ideal for applications as diverse as metal casting, injection molding, and sheet metal shaping. Various measurement methods enable the sensor to be adjusted to different tasks quickly and easily.

Product Details

  • Ultra-compact all-in-one 3D vision sensor
  • Precise enough for metrology tasks, fast enough for in-line quality control
  • > 1 million 3D data points
  • Plug&Automate: ready to use in hours with any robot
  • 1.3 MP resolution
  • 0.02 mm accuracy
  • FOV 120x100x80