Comprehensive system for precision metrology in production

The reliable white-light interferometer of the NetGAGE3D-plus inspects a wide range of surface properties, such as planarity, step heights, and parallelism. With its high definition imaging on the z-axis (height), the precision sensor delivers exact measurement results in the nanometer range.

Either as a stand-alone system in laboratory applications or directly inline, NetGAGE3D-plus enables users to safeguard the quality of their end products and the reliability of their production processes.

Its short scan time qualifies the system for use as a cycle-controlled measurement technology for 100% monitoring in step with good manufacturing principles, for example in the metal and electronics industries. NetGAGE3D-plus uses a specifically developed feature to measure the components in a tray in a serial order, saving considerable time e.g. in operator self-inspection.

With its high-quality components, industrial design, and long maintenance intervals, NetGAGE3D-plus is a very robust system and suitable for numerous applications. Standard equipped with an embedded PC and Wi-Fi capability, the system has all the technical requirements for connected production and quality control. The operating software is optimized for both touchscreen and a traditional user interface with keyboard and mouse. The intuitive navigation permits deployment, recipe creation, and operation without previous system knowledge.

Product Details

  • Full automation capability
  • Extremely precise
  • Integrated or stand-alone
  • Integrated PC
  • Various expansion stages
  • x/y axis adjustment
  • Integration into production lines