Surface Inspection with SpecGAGE3D

Automated quality control of specular and shiny components is one of the greatest challenges for optical metrology. Conventional inspection methods such as fringe projection or photogrammetry are often not suitable. 
ISRA's SpecGAGE3D works according to the measurement principle of deflectometry and allows for the first time an automated inspection of reflective, glossy, or even transparent surfaces of curved and flat objects. For this purpose, a reflective fringe pattern is recorded from several perspectives and then evaluated. 

The 3D quality control with SpecGAGE3D thereby fulfills two tasks in only one measurement: the detection of cosmetic defects and the detection of shape deviation

With accuracies down to the micrometer range, defects are already detected and classified during the production process. Form control via automatic CAD matching allows 100 % inspection and makes SpecGAGE3D an ideal tool for industrial quality and process control. With high-precision 3D quality control, you can optimize the production process of glossy components quickly and cost-effectively.

Applications arise in the surface inspection of high-gloss injection molded parts, of displays, flat or rounded cover glasses, white goods, or in the semiconductor industry in the inspection of bare or sapphire wafers. 


Detailed quality control of reflective surfaces, even under tough production conditions.


100% defect detection in the batch production of glass, automotive and injection moulded parts.


Reliable 3D form measurement of curved, reflective surfaces.


Precise inspection of transparent surfaces.


Robot-guided inspection of reflective surfaces.