Product Line SpecGAGE3D

ISRA’s SpecGAGE3D range makes automated measurement and inspection of reflective and specular surfaces on curved and flat objects possible for the first time. The deflectometry process can be used in-line, at-line and off-line.

The system offers 100% inspection for correct component curvature. Possible applications include the screens of smartphones with rounded edges and high-gloss injection-molded parts and trims. Automatic CAD comparison safeguards both process stability and product quality.

All SpecGAGE3D systems work on the measurement principle of deflectometry, in which a reflective pattern is captured and then evaluated by multiple cameras. Any defects are detected and classified immediately if known. 


Detailed quality control of reflective surfaces, even under tough production conditions.


100% defect detection in the batch production of glass, automotive and injection moulded parts.


Reliable 3D form measurement of curved, reflective surfaces.


Precise inspection of transparent surfaces.


Robot-guided inspection of reflective surfaces.