The intelligent management software for complete recording and visualization of quality data

IQ-VIS is a server-based database system that collects, consolidates, aggregates, and analyzes all results from the various measurement systems throughout a production facility. It has three key basic functions:

  • Control center function for real-time status visualization in the systems
  • Analysis function for conducting special comparisons, e.g. correlation analysis
  • Reporting function for automatically generating customer-specific reports

The system is the intelligent toolbox for a wide range of users, for example in maintenance, operation, and management. The client-server architecture enables access to the data both locally and across plants.

This makes production more transparent and visualizes emerging trends in next to no time. Negative influences on the product quality can be addressed quickly, before quality problems incur additional costs.

Product Details

  • Entire process line available online at a glance
  • Optimized for inline gauging applications
  • High-performance analysis of quality data
  • Real-time visualization and analysis of production
  • Control center, analysis and reporting modules available