Embedded Sensor

All in one system: Detection, classification and monitoring

The Embedded Sensor is an all-in-one solution for detecting and classifying defects and monitoring material properties. It comprises the best available technology including a camera, FPGA-supported image processing, and embedded PCs.

With its compact design and a specially adapted tube to protect the lens, the Embedded Sensor can be used at ambient temperatures of up to 50°C without additional housing. In addition, fewer cables make the systems much easier to set up.

The FPGA-supported image processing module (IPP) operates at the full data rate and detects defects using image fusion and various filter cores. It then passes the image data on to the integrated full PC module, which provides complete inspection software including the ISRA classifications. The inspection results can be transmitted directly to EPROMI for further process analysis and monitoring.

When it comes to lighting, the modular inspection system consists of four basic components:

  1. Basic profile as a carrier and for cooling (passive, active via fans or air tunnel)
  2. LED boards with adapted function (simple to complex pattern in flash operation)
  3. Lighting head with adapted optics (slim, wide, focused, diffuse)
  4. Controller box for controlling and monitoring the lighting

Product Details

  • 8K and 16K line sensors and 2 x 8K as “dual-liner” or color 
  • Line speeds of up to 160k lines/s
  • Data rates of up to 1,280 kB/s in operation
  • Communication via network cable or wireless