Touch & Inspect

Forward-looking, bespoke surface inspection

Touch & Inspect is a byword for forward-looking, bespoke surface inspection with network-compatible components. All system components can be connected in a network and controlled remotely via tablet PCs – for fast adaptation to process modifications.

The modular design ensures flexible system configuration, with one or two intelligent cameras combined with a switchable high-performance LED as required. The 8k or 16k cameras with embedded technology deliver high-resolution black-and-white or color images even at web speeds of over 1,200 meters per minute. The defect images are precise and easy to analyze.
The intuitive tile design in the mobile tablet control system and the integrated touch PC make the system extremely easy to use, even without prior knowledge. Suitable for networking across different production lines, Touch & Inspect systems also digitally map production processes in full, making them ideal for multi-line production and data comparisons across multiple sites. 
The collected inspection data is immediately available via the network for analysis, so that defect causes can be identified and production processes optimized. Direct data access via tablet PC also provides the ideal basis for well-informed production management. To ensure high connectivity, Touch & Inspect systems also support state-of-the-art communication protocols, such as OPC/UA, making them compatible with INDUSTRY 4.0 standards.