Production of holographic foils

Compliance with the toughest security requirements through seamless inspection of all production stages for holographic foils. ISRA’s full range of surface inspection systems covers all inspection tasks. The BankSTAR Holo product was developed specifically for the unique challenges in the production of foils with holographic features and motion effects.

The systems detect all defects early on, preventing damaged material from being further processed, incurring more expenses. At the same time, the systems also provide valuable data for optimizing products and processes.

Optical surface inspection of embossing

To ensure the quality of the end product, our system not only detects and classifies local defects, but also measures the diffraction efficiency of the embossing.

Optical surface inspection of printing

This system reliably monitors both local defects and the relative positioning of the printing and embossing.

Optical surface inspection of de-metallization

Inspection tailored to the unique requirements of the de-metallization process. The system reliably detects all local defects that can arise at this process stage.

Waste Management

Used independently or as an extension to a BankSTAR Holo inspection system, the BankSTAR Rewind Manager makes it possible to process production defects and remove damaged material accurately.