Web viewing secures premium image quality at the fastest image capture rate

Your customers expect brilliant print quality, delivered quickly at attractive prices. Rejects can significantly reduce your profits. Your bottom line is not only affected by high material costs but also by productivity losses. Plus, you have to account for opportunity costs of lost orders and damage to your reputation due to long delivery times and missed deadlines. The web viewing system ViewSTAR secures reliable image quality at the fastest image capture rate in the industry.

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The web viewing system ViewSTAR monitors even the finest print characteristics and hue variations with maximum resolution and color. The viewer features an advanced design and consists of two high-resolution cameras with no moving lenses. It is combined with various advanced LED flash technologies to ensure a detailed image of the entire repeat. Therefore, ViewSTAR not only provides a precise image display, even on highly reflective, transparent, and UV inks, it also delivers the industry's fastest image capture rate.

The dynamic image stabilization tolerates extreme web variations and ,therefore, ensures a simple and sustainable process control. ViewSTAR can easily be synchronized with the 100% print inspection systems PrintSTAR and through the synchronization move to error positions. 

  • True color and true sharpness assure a perfect image without any interaction from the operator
  • Free of blurring even at the highest speeds due to LED digital flashing
  • Highest-resolution micro-view to see a single printing dot and high-resolution macro-view to get an overview
  • Easy to install (Plug & Inspect) and immediate utilization
  • Complete integration of ColorSTAR and PrintSTAR
  • Long lifetime of LED illumination reduces maintenance costs
  • Low maintenance due to fixed optics concept
  • Capable of monitoring transparent and UV inks
  • Dynamic image stabilization - Tolerates extreme web variations
  • Excellent monitoring of highly reflective materials (with RL Model)
  • Perfect tool for the operator due to automatic scan functionality 
  • Flexible packaging printing
  • Personal care & hygienic film printing
  • Aluminum packaging for pharma, food & specials
  • Narrow Web
  • Liquid packaging
  • Security printing
  • Modern design viewer with no moving lens
  • Up to 12 Micron resolution with the HR model
  • Full touch screen operations with tablet finger gestures
  • Superb crisp image quality for the finest details down to a single dot and up to 2400 dpi



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Web Viewing at Unique Picture Quality

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