Glass, News
FS-5DXIN sets new standards

Fully automatic optical quality assurance for maximum pre-cision of all quality characteristics

Metal, News
Predicting periodic defects – Avoiding dips in quality

ISRA VISION PARSYTEC has developed a special method for detection of extreme low contrast periodic defects.

Metal, News
Move Cab enables maintenance without stopping the line

ISRA camera technology provides moveable system installation to completely prevent line downtime.

Automotive, News
Ready for INDUSTRIE 4.0:

Flexible sensor technology in autonomous mobile platforms for automotive manufacturing

Automotive, News
On-the-fly or stop-and-go:

Car Paint Vision system detects and classifies defects in the paint shop to optimize quality and efficiency

Ready-to-Use, News
Now also for the tiniest components: Bin picking with quad-camera technology

Reliably detect the smallest parts with scanning times under one second – Ready for INDUSTRIE 4.0 with OPC/UA

Ready-to-Use, News
Excellent process efficiency: 3D multi-stereo sensor with large measuring field realizes short scanning times with optimum precision

New quad-camera sensor inspects and digitizes objects in 3D at optimum speed – in-line, at-line, off-line

Ready-to-Use, News
Robust and ultra-fast: New sensor duo delivers top performance for automated bin picking

With embedded technology and a new quad-camera sensor, the sensor family for bin picking is more efficient than ever before

Automotive, News
Multi-camera configuration

combined with 3D precision measurement technology makes checking coordinates in the inspection lab a thing of the past

Ready-to-Use, News
Launch at Control 2018: Perfection for reflective surfaces – even on curved components

Integrable measuring technology for glass displays and glossy components provides data for product and process optimization