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100% inline inspection offers cutting edge-technology in compact form combined with easy integration into any machine

Automated quality assurance in label printing

ISRA integrates Photonfocus

We are expanding our strategic portfolio on embedded sensor technologies. Learn more about the products from Photonfocus.

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Challenging accuracy: 100% inspection for ultra-thin glass – precise, fast, stable

One of China’s most successful providers of high-quality float glass turns to ISRA’s FLOATSCAN Thin Superior system for quality assurance

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Top quality for raw building glass: quality assurance with automated real-time thickness and stress measurement

ISRA’s FLOATSCAN Coldgauge & Stress system makes frequent manual sampling for quality checks redundant

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Dezhou Donghong Ltd. achieves 100% battery film inspection: exact results despite shaking substrate

Lithium battery quality control with SMASH inspection system tolerates material movement, staying precise and reliable

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A new level of perfection

Automated defect detection and shape measurement of large and complex reflective components

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Precision in a new dimension

Interferometric accuracy for measuring fields up to 110x110 mm2

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Fully automated optical inspection in the paintshop for flawless painted surfaces

Automatic inline inspection of all painted car bodies with 100% robot-guided sensors at production speed

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Top speed and absolute results in 3D inline measurement: Minimal measure-ment distance for optimum feature monitoring

High accuracy, high speed, high usability: New quad-camera sen-sor from the 3D precision measurement technology portfolio

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Success Story: Carglass® Relies on Industry Standard from ISRA VISION

Optical measurement for a better understanding of the optical complexity of glass