Glass, News
Highest process reliability at every stage of automotive glass production

Optimum production processes thanks to inspection technologies for perfectly-curved and flawless windscreens in all vehicle types

Glass, News
Complete control over the entire production process: Intelligent analysis of quality and production data

Highly-efficient process optimization with individual data reporting and analysis for maximum quality and productivity

Glass, News
Innovation: fully-automated inline inspection of reflection optics

Important development for flat glass production

Glass, News
3D shape and curvature measurement for increased process stability and reliable quality

3D measurement technologies are the key to success in glass production

Plastic Web, News
All-in-one inspection for all plastic web products: Optical properties can now be checked!

New 100% inspection of plastic webs ensures optical quality

Plastic Web, News
Digital transformation in plastics production: managing process knowledge digitally and generating real added value

Monitoring processes and supporting decision-making: management intelligence software for maximum yield and full control

Plastic Web, News
Optimized yield with 100% production monitoring: Automatic optical inspection for film production and further processing

Detecting defects, optimizing processes, increasing yield – optical inspection is the key to an efficient production


Packaging, News
Top quality in film printing – Yielding optimum results with a unique inspection combination

Users benefit from comprehensive data utilization, a high level of process transparency and the existing system hardware

Print, News
Perfect printing from the very start: Combination of systems reduces make-ready times and ensures optimum printing quality with efficient processes

Adaptive systems automate defect detection and make printers' work easier

Print, News
Efficient processes for all printshops: Compact, user-friendly inspection solution ensures quality at every stage of narrow web printing

Fast provision and full process reliability for enhanced efficiency in printing production