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100% in-line inspection of composite materials for the highest process reliability and resource efficiency

Latest inspection technology for flawless production of fiber composites

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SAICA PAPER France optimized its production with web inspection (WIS) and web break monitoring (WBM) technologies from ISRA VISION

Minimization of processing costs by significant reduction of web breaks and hence machine downtime

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New inspection solutions for the latest cell & module designs cover the entire value chain of solar manufacturing

Best inspection and sorting solutions for IBC, PERC, Bifacial and Glass-Glass modules

Solar, News
The next level of solar module quality assurance: High speed inspection, global quality standards and 100% defect traceability

Innovative module inspection ensures maximum efficiency, offers centralized recipe management and automated classification

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3D measurement technologies are the key to success in glass production

3D shape and curvature measurement for increased process stability and reliable quality

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Color homogeneity control using full-area inline inspection in float glass production

Reliably identifying all coating defects

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TOUCH & INSPECT: The next generation of glass production – Smart wireless inspection systems with impressive value ensure simplified quality monitoring in the production process

First in the world: smart wireless inspection

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Highest process reliability at every stage of automotive glass production

Optimum production processes thanks to inspection technologies for perfectly-curved and flawless windscreens in all vehicle types

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Complete control over the entire production process: Intelligent analysis of quality and production data

Highly-efficient process optimization with individual data reporting and analysis for maximum quality and productivity

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Innovation: fully-automated inline inspection of reflection optics

Important development for flat glass production