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Excellent process efficiency: 3D multi-stereo sensor with large measuring field realizes short scanning times with optimum precision

New quad-camera sensor inspects and digitizes objects in 3D at optimum speed – in-line, at-line, off-line

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Robust and ultra-fast: New sensor duo delivers top performance for automated bin picking

With embedded technology and a new quad-camera sensor, the sensor family for bin picking is more efficient than ever before

Automotive, News
Multi-camera configuration

combined with 3D precision measurement technology makes checking coordinates in the inspection lab a thing of the past

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Launch at Control 2018: Perfection for reflective surfaces – even on curved components

Integrable measuring technology for glass displays and glossy components provides data for product and process optimization

Composites, News
100% in-line inspection of composite materials for the highest process reliability and resource efficiency

Latest inspection technology for flawless production of fiber composites

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SAICA PAPER France optimized its production with web inspection (WIS) and web break monitoring (WBM) technologies from ISRA VISION

Minimization of processing costs by significant reduction of web breaks and hence machine downtime

Plastic Web, News
All-in-one inspection for all plastic web products: Optical properties can now be checked!

New 100% inspection of plastic webs ensures optical quality

Plastic Web, News
Digital transformation in plastics production: managing process knowledge digitally and generating real added value

Monitoring processes and supporting decision-making: management intelligence software for maximum yield and full control

Plastic Web, News
Optimized yield with 100% production monitoring: Automatic optical inspection for film production and further processing

Detecting defects, optimizing processes, increasing yield – optical inspection is the key to an efficient production


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Top quality in film printing – Yielding optimum results with a unique inspection combination

Users benefit from comprehensive data utilization, a high level of process transparency and the existing system hardware