Inline Process Monitoring

Reduce waste through fast and early adjustment of process parameters: Our inspection systems precisely monitor the cell surface after every production stage, detecting defects such as contamination, discolorations or print defects.

Solar cells that do not meet the classification thresholds defined by the customer can be removed from the production process early on. This saves the costs of expensive further processing. ISRA inspection systems guarantee lower production costs and increased product quality.

Texturing Quality Monitoring – Homogeneity and Reflectivity

The system precisely identifies contamination and defects on the textured cell surface and reliably evaluates the quality of the texturing.

Front and Rear Side Coating Monitoring

Inspection and classification of dielectric coatings, focusing on thickness, color value and homogeneity.

Post-Print Monitoring for Front Side Metallization and Bifacial Rear Sides

Reliable monitoring of the metallization of the front sides or bifacial rear sides of solar cells.

Post-Print Monitoring for Pad and Full-Area Rear Side Print

The inspection system features special illumination technology that creates extreme contrasts, even with wet pastes and on coated PERx rear sides ensuring precise post-print monitoring of the pad- and full rear side print.

Post-Print Monitoring in Compact Areas

This inspection solution features a compact design that makes it suitable for post-print monitoring on rotary tables or screen printing lines without a prepared inspection area, with no reduction in inspection performance.