Reliable identification of all surface defects

The COL-Q optical inspection system is tailored to the needs of gigawatt-level production facilities and reliably identifies all defects on the cell surface. It inspects more than 4,000 cells per hour with uncompromised detection performance.

Special MultiView technology precisely detects coating defects like color deviations, color defects, stains and local deviations in coating thickness (e.g. caused by pin marks) immediately after coating. This precise detection allows the process parameters to be adjusted quickly in the event of coating defects.

The coated cells are grouped into quality classes based on the coating color, optical coating thickness, homogeneity and detected defects. The system also enables users to automatically remove wafers that do not meet the classification thresholds. As a result, the system both reduces production costs and enables the production of cells with flawless anti-reflection coating.

Product Details

  • Recipe Copy-Exact
  • Multiview technology for best surface defect sensitivity
  • Standardized calibration procedure for system-to-system reproducuibility better than 1%
  • LightDome Technology for highest isotropy and homogeneity for precise coating inspection
  • Full-resolution image with full color information for detection of smallest discolorations and other defects
  • Color Measurement, coating thickness measurement
  • Ready for connected photovoltaics 4.0
  • Image analysis on Cumulative Defect Overlay Image
  • MES Interface
  • Connection to Central Recipe Management
  • Connection to Central Yield Management
  • Connection to Central Health Management