Inline Quality Sorting

Ensure compliance with quality standards across the company and production facilities. ISRA systems ensure that only flawless solar cells are approved for further processing.

Our AOI systems group finished solar cells into different quality classes based on their optical properties. The system reliably inspects and evaluates color and surface defects, microcracks, as well as print quality, and positioning on the front and rear side of the cells. Since only solar cells of a single color class are used, a homogeneous appearance in the module is guaranteed.

Inspection of Front Sides and Bifacial Rear Sides

Classification of front and bifacial rear sides of solar cells based on color and print quality.

Inspection of BSF and PERC Rear Sides

Inspection of full metallization and alignment of the individual print stages.

Microcrack Detection

Non-contact detection of microcracks in solar cells.

Inline Wafer Inspection Using Photoluminescence

Reliable, non-contact detection of process defects and electronic material defects in solar cells.