Non-contact crack detection

Non-contact inline inspection for detecting micro-cracks

ISRA’s non-contact inspection system reliably discovers micro-cracks in solar cells without placing the material under mechanical stress.

The patented non-contact imaging technology ensures that the precise detection of micro-cracks is not affected by other material defects. It reliably visualizes and automatically detects even the tiniest cracks, known as “closed cracks,” with minimal overkill.

In contrast to the contacting electroluminescence procedure, the ISRA system avoids any electrical contact with the material as a potential source of new micro-cracks. 

The system is easy to integrate into any production line and allows the reliable identification and removal of damaged cells before further processing or transport.

Product Details

  • Even for wafer sizes over 210 mm
  • Supports “Copy-Exact” of recipes
  • Non-contact system for micro-crack detection in solar cells
  • Focusing on microcracks enables the highest detection rates and avoids false defects
  • Cumulative defect overlay for identification of systematic faults (handling/processing)
  • Image analysis of cumulative defect overlay images
  • MES interface
  • Connection to central recipe management
  • Connection to central yield management
  • Connection to central system monitoring and analysis