4-TEST 2

Outstanding resistance measurement in both cell and wafer production

4-TEST 2 is a semi-automatic measurement system for the electrical characterization of wafers and cells.

Using this four-point measuring process, users can measure the specific resistance of wafers in input monitoring. This allows both local and lateral mapping with XY stage. On diffused cells without metallization, the sheet resistance is measured using the same process either locally or in different positions. In this case, an adapted measurement head is used.

Further measurement processes implemented in 4-TEST 2 allow the optimization of series resistance in metalized solar cells. In addition, the system uses special line measurement heads to measure the line resistance of printed fingers.

The extra TLM process measures the contact resistance between the metallization and the silicon. Just like the four-point measurement process, the TLM process can measure individual points on the sample or be automated to measure multiple points in different positions simultaneously.

The system automatically detects the measurement mode when the respective measurement head is installed. This prevents operating errors. 4-TEST 2 is an easy-to-operate measurement system that is essential for process monitoring in the production line.

Product Details

  • Specially designed for the solar industry: sheet resistivity, specific resistivity, contact resistance and line resistance measurement in one single system
  • Measurement stage for the automatic mapping of wafers, also in RContact mode
  • Connection to pvtools "LOANA" (Loss Analysis) Software to combine 4-TEST 2 data with SR, IV and other data