Insulation inspection check immediately after edge isolation

ISO-TEST is a contact-based system for checking the insulation resistance between the front and rear side of a wafer. Inspection takes place immediately after wet-chemical edge isolation. The insulation resistance is automatically measured at each edge individually and then at all edges in parallel. ISO-TEST reliably detects over and underetching on the wafer edge.

The system offers maximum process control and features an innovative product design. With its ergonomic design, the system is easy to handle and highly reliable. These factors earned ISO-TEST the 2012 iF product design award.

Product Details

  • Compact and easy-to-use isolation resistance tester
  • Fast measurement of the isolation resistance - less than 10 seconds for each edge separately and all combined
  • Measuring of the isolation resistance between front- and rear-side at each of the four edges separate and all edges parallel in one measurement cycle