Mechanical testing of force/displacement curves

STAB-TEST 2 is a mechanical testing system for determining force/displacement curves. The process can be used at various stages in the production process of wafers, cells and modules. STAB-TEST 2 features different attachments, known as Twist Test and Bend Test, to test mechanical stability.

In both attachments, the wafer is bent until it either breaks or reaches the predetermined force or displacement threshold. This significantly reduces the rate of breakage caused by insufficient mechanical stability rather than handling. Such breakage can be caused by microcracks on the wafer, over-etching of grain boundaries or residual saw damage on the surface.

In module production, STAB-TEST 2 determines the pull force of soldered or glued tabbings at angles of 0° (parallel to surface), 90° (vertical to surface) and 45°. The system detects the installed measuring heads and checks that the measurement system is correctly configured. If the configuration is correct, the system automatically switches to the correct measurement mode and releases the measurement system.

Product Details

  • Stability measurement (twist, bend, bow and tabbing)
  • Pull test in a single system
  • Pull test measurement (tabbing adhesion) at angles of 0° (parallel to surface), 90° (vertical to surface) and 45° to the wafer surface