Connected Photovoltaics 4.0

Significantly enhanced productivity and 100% production transparency: ISRA’s cloud-based solutions offer connected data analysis from all production lines with central control and monitoring of all measurement processes.

In order to maintain an identical recipe composition on all lines and to manage quality standards centrally rather than locally, the Connected Photovoltaics 4.0 concept connects all ISRA inspection systems within the production environment. This allows you to gain more information, better insights, and greater reliability.

This concept is based on the following software modules:

Central System Control

The Central Recipe Tool module allows measurement recipes to be managed centrally and rolled out to all inspection systems.

Central yield management

While central recipe control ensures that all systems are working based on the same recipe, the YieldViewer module enables direct online comparison of the lines and production systems regarding their current quality distribution and yield.

Batch Analytics

A detailed root cause analysis is a prerequisite for successful and permanent process optimization. ISRA’s Batch Analytics tool provides valuable support in this regard: It allows measurement values or defect information to be assigned to the specific position of the affected cells in the previous process steps and visualizes them. Spatial error distributions in relation to the tray or boat coordinates can then be detected in coating processes, for example.

Central system monitoring and analysis

The Offline Recipe Manager is seamlessly integrated into the Connected Photovoltaics 4.0 concept, enabling the utilization of recipes saved on the server without impairing the throughput of production systems. Following the recipe optimization, tested and approved recipes can immediately be rolled out for all systems from a central location.

Offline Recipe Adjustment

The offline recipe manager is seamlessly integrated into the Connected Photovoltaics 4.0 concept, enabling the utilization of recipes saved on the server. Recipes modified offline can be tested inline directly in the individual systems and then rolled out centrally to all systems.

Maintenance Planning

The soon to be released version of (or system) Connected PV 4.0 will include modules for inline calibration control, maintenance planning, and calibration documentation, thus enabling central monitoring of the systems and ensuring flawless operation.