Batch Analytics

Maximize your process stability with batch-based visualization. Process weaknesses are traced by conspicuous cells and their individual position in the process.

Boat View provides a graphical representation of all cells according to their individual position during the texturing or coating process. This enables significant concentrations or distributions of certain deviations to be recognized at a glance. Such clusters of this type provide insights into unusual or even defective process behavior.

Batch Analytics is not primarily intended as a defect detection solution; rather, it analyzes the process behavior as a whole. The tool visualizes process results based on the cells’ optical quality in combination with their individual position during the process. Manufacturers can therefore generate evaluations based on entire process batches and not just individual cells, enabling processes to be optimized early and in a targeted manner, which in turn increases process stability.

Product Details

  • Visualization of the texturing and coating process performance in relation to every tube, wafer, boat, and position in the boat
  • Data evaluation for complete process runs (process batches) instead of individual wafers
  • Evaluation of the results based on various machine parts (e.g., chemical baths)