Central Recipe Tool (CRT)

Identical quality across all lines and recipe adjustments at the push of a button

The CRT is a server-based software for central management of production recipes. It replaces individual recipes with a central server recipe, which is then rolled out across all connected systems. The CRT therefore ensures that quality guidelines are implemented identically across all production lines.

Yield differences caused by varying quality guidelines are prevented. In addition, recipe adjustments made on one system can be transferred to all additional systems at the push of a button. This enables resource-efficient administration of measurement systems. The CRT allows users to maintain consistent quality guidelines not just locally, but across all production facilities.

Alongside a simple roll-out, the CRT also includes complete version control including change log, version management, version comparison and roll-back, if needed. At a glance and at any time, the CRT can provide a current overview of all connected systems and the recipes available to them.

Product Details

  • Roll-out and management of one single recipe for all systems of same type
  • Recipe Version Control, Release and Roll-Back
  • Direct Interface to RecipeManager