Offline Recipe Manager (ORM)

Offline recipe optimization without production downtime

The Offline Recipe Manager (ORM) is a software that allows users to edit recipes on any computer. Instead of camera images, the ORM uses images that were previously saved as graphic files inline during production.

This makes it possible to optimize and test recipes using a suitable set of saved image files, without interrupting the production process. In addition to editing and saving of recipes, the ORM also allows users to compare them in order to track any changes.

In combination with the Central Recipe Management Tool (CRT), the recipes can be adjusted offline and then transferred to all connected inspection systems automatically through the server-client architecture.

Product Details

  • Offline Editing and Testing of Recipes based on stored images
  • Seamless integration with Central Recipe Tool and RecipeComparison
  • Reduced downtime/engineering time needed for recipe tuning - higher productivity!