Real-time analysis of key data

The YieldViewer software module provides a quick overview of the production status. The system shows the distribution of production quality and other key data on all connected systems in a quick graphical live overview. It is updated regularly at appropriate intervals.

Deviations in the process quality in individual lines and the current production yield are easily recognizable. Depending on the system, the distribution of color classes can be shown, for example.

Where necessary, more detailed information from individual systems can even be accessed at the click of a button. This allows a quick investigation into which defects arise most frequently in a deviating system, leading to reduced quality. Users gain a live overview of the production process:

  • Which system is currently operating at which quality?
  • Which defects are currently most frequent?
  • Where is immediate intervention needed?

This makes YieldViewer the ideal tool for gaining a fast, up-to-the-minute overview of the entire process and taking targeted optimization measures.