Acid Texturization of Multi Crystalline Solar Wafers

Lower production costs with increased cell efficiency. Our new additives, based on organic molecules, are the perfect cost-effective solution. They are suitable for both standard lines and leading-edge cell technologies, especially innovative and more cost-effective for multicrystalline silicon wafers cut using diamond wire (DWC), without the need for additional investment in new technology or equipment. Combined with the reduced need for waste water treatment, this presents a great opportunity to permanently reduce manufacturing costs.

Chemical additive for texturing optimization of DWC wafers

The standard product ofthe MULTI-TEX product group improves the molecular structure of DWC wafers while guaranteeing an increased etching depth while reducing reflectivity.

Chemical additive with low material consumption for DWC wafers

The enhancement of MULTI-TEX 3 increases the efficiency of DWC wafers while reducing material consumption.