The ideal solution for increasing the efficiency of DWC wafers

MULTI-TEX 3, the standard product in the MULTI-TEX product family, is the perfect cost-effective solution for increasing the efficiency of multicrystalline solar cells. It can be used in any standard texturing process and improves the topology of the wafer surface. The new additive is ideal for innovative wafers cut using diamond wire (DWC), without the need for additional investment in new technology or equipment.

A few small changes to the standard process are all it takes to unlock the full potential of the improved surface. Improving the molecular structure allows an increased etching depth with minimal reflectivity. In addition, MULTI-TEX 3 significantly increases the current Isc to up to 170 mA. At the same time, the Voc voltage on DWC wafers is increased to up to 3 mV. MULTI-TEX therefore helps increase efficiency at both cell and module level.