Increasing the efficiency of multi-crystalline solar cells

MULTi-TEX 5 is an optimal and cost-effective solution for increasing the efficiency of multi-crystalline solar cells. The chemical additive can be used for any acidic standard multi crystalline silicon wafer texturing process. It is particularly suitable for diamond wire sawn (DWC) multi-crystalline silicon wafers without the need for additional investment in new technology or equipment. 

MULTI-TEX 5 optimizes the topology of the wafer surface and enables a high etching depth with lowest reflectivity. Only minor changes to the standard process are necessary to realize the full potential of DWC wafer thanks to the improved surface. 

Using this additive enables solar cells based on DWC wafers to significantly increase the short-circuit current (Isc) while simultaneously increasing the open-circuit voltage (Voc). This results in a significant increase in efficiency at both cell and module level.