Reliable detection and classification of all defects on solar modules

MOD-Q EL is a fully-automated optical inspection system that reliably detects and classifies defects on solar modules. The system guarantees detailed module inspection, even at throughput rates of up to 180 modules per hour.

MOD-Q EL can be used for process monitoring before and after lamination or for quality inspection at the backend. Crystalline solar modules are checked for cracks, breakages and inactive areas using electroluminescence. Modules that do not meet the required quality can be removed early on for reworking, ensuring efficient use of material and therefore increasing production yield.

The test results are collected carefully and guarantee full documentation of production and ship-out quality.

Product Details

  • Recipe copy-exact
  • Fully Automatic Defect Detection for reliable and unbiased quality decisions
  • 99% of all cell designs readily implemented from cell inspection
  • Repair Station Software
  • Automatic Contacting
  • Inline Machine Interface
  • MES Interface
  • Connection to Central Recipe Management
  • Connection to Central Yield Management
  • Connection to Central Health Management